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2 extra Police Tickets for MSG
2 extra Police Tickets for MSG (V8 D174)
Are you need money?
Are you need money? (V8 D198)
FS Nakamichi Mic
FS Nakamichi Mic (V8 D139)
ISO email for Dan Heend (the 24 bit FAQ author) (V8 D187)
. . : : DaRkAnDsPiKy : : . .
flash recorders: Edirol R-09, m-audio 24/96 and Marantz PMD 660 eval (V8 D160)
Joe Bonamassa taping policy (V8 D150)
DAT-heads Digest #194 (V8 D195)
a pink dream
INTERPOL 2007 TOUR (Bowery 2007-06-05 + more FT) (V8 D162)
A. Rosenfeld
John Mayer / Ben Folds in Detroit (V8 D178)
John Mayer / Ben folds in Detroit (V8 D178)
John Mayer (V8 D178)
posts re personal DAT collections (V8 D107)
Adam Smith
Dorsey Mod for Oktava MC 012 Mic's (V8 D111)
Andy Goldstein
DDS - DAT2WAV - /errorcorrect advice ? (V8 D104)
andy hopkins
couple of decks for sale (V8 D106)
Rockline radio program / Need to find a taper for next week (V8 D120)
Live Earth XM on Directv (V8 D180)
Nick Lowe / Did anyone get his World Cafe or NPR radio performances recently (V8 D189)
Bill Hance
DAT-heads Digest #157 (V8 D158)
Bob S.
the HIGH Dials (V8 D101)
S-P-O-O-N (V8 D152)
Brian DuPont
ISO: Primer 55 (V8 D144)
Candace Horgan
Tapers needed (V8 D129)
Carlos Martinez
edirol R4 - good or bad? (V8 D108)
Charlie Miller
Gear For Sale (V8 D121)
FS: Sony D8 and Oade Cable (V8 D139)
Gear For Sale (V8 D141)
Phish Dats (V8 D163)
Phish Dats (V8 D170)
ISO: Jeff crumbs aka TheEnd (V8 D100)
Craig Lefort
FS: 7-pin-to-coax digital cable (V8 D154)
Dan ONeill
FS on ebay: Technics SV-DA10 (V8 D103)
FS: DAT liquidation (V8 D103)
Daniel Potter
Sparklehorse & Daniel Johnston Tour (V8 D103)
Darren R
Sony 60ES DAT Pro Deck For Sale (V8 D140)
Dat Head
Seldom Scene XM radio (V8 D178)
What are remote codes for Panasonic 3700/3800? (V8 D104)
Dave Pernal
ExpressCard Digi Sound Cards? (V8 D181)
David Stovall
Hard disk\flash based recording (V8 D153)
Dean Lipoff
Been a while (V8 D142)
Dennis Bathory-Kitsz
Microtrack 2496 (V8 D141)
MicroTrack 24/96 power & assorted other questions (V8 D143)
Perfectly Spaced Dropouts (V8 D117)
ISO: Guns 'n Roses - SPAC 1991 VIDEO (V8 D128)
mind your own business ! (V8 D129)
mind your own business ! (V8 D133)
dolphin smile
ISO Captain Beefheart RESEDA COUNTRY CLUB 1981 sdb (V8 D183)
Douglas Tourtelot
WTB: Manfrotto High Boy stand (V8 D186)
Eduardo Malvido
Dat-Heads ................ fading? (V8 D183)
Elron Hoover
Rush & Asia - Scranton, PA tickets for sale (V8 D167)
Roger Waters 5/30 MSG (V8 D155)
Frank Rinaldi
Hard Disk and Flash Recorders (V8 D154)
Gary Davis
D8 levels (V8 D107)
Free trade only !! (V8 D132)
Security for Venues (V8 D153)
Bonnaroo on XM (V8 D167)
XM Live Earth taping (V8 D177)
Live Earth also on DirecTV (?) (V8 D179)
Got Da Blues
Chicago Bluesfest 2007 - Tapers Needed (V8 D159)
FT Derek Trucks @ Crossroads Festival 7-28-07 (V8 D196)
WANTED: Cyndi Lauper Toronto 12/6/05 and Richard Thompson The Tralf, (V8 D172)
h Grape Minkoff
request for editing advice (V8 D191)
Handed down setup, what do I need now to get taping? (V8 D157)
Hirokazu Hara
Allan Holdsworth (V8 D114)
Buying shows (Jimi Hendrix) (V8 D132)
if anyone is planning to tape at Isle Of Wight June 10 (V8 D154)
J Levene
ISO Sek'd Prodif Plus owner's manual (V8 D124)
J. Ricci
Looking for: Wolfmother :Warfield, SF, CA 04/15/07 (V8 D126)
Jason C.
Help EQing a show I taped (V8 D191)
Jeff Shirkey
Patty Griffin (V8 D104)
Allan Holdsworth in PA (V8 D107)
Tapers wtd: Satriani 20th anniversary shows (NY, Chicago, LA) (V8 D187)
Jeff W. Kampf
taping policies? (V8 D126)
taping policy Jonathan Edwards, AJ Croce? (V8 D173)
Jeremiah Moore
Denon DTR-80P for parts (V8 D179)
Denon DTR-80p for parts - no longer available (V8 D182)
S-P-O-O-N (V8 D153)
john e. bogus
digest #183 - fading? (V8 D184)
digest #183 - fading (V8 D185)
digest #183 - fading (V8 D190)
The Roches on Java Blend Iowa Public Radio KUNI (V8 D171)
Joshua Whitley
DAT-heads Digest #134 (V8 D135)
JP Flanery
Dear Gary.. (V8 D133)
perfectly spaced dropouts (V8 D125)
ISO: Guns 'n Roses - SPAC 1991 VIDEO (V8 D131)
Load of Radiohead shows for B&P (V8 D175)
Karl Kubicka
help: coax digital to USB? (V8 D194)
Dat-Heads ................ fading? (V8 D184)
Ken Ko
DAT servicing? (V8 D126)
Kenny Shook
Sony D8 Loading problems (V8 D131)
sony tcd-d7 (V8 D111)
non working sony tcd-d7 dat for sale (V8 D125)
Larry Smith
Getting rid of more DAT's Maxell (V8 D105)
Lowman, David
FS: Apogee minime and M1 (V8 D119)
mind your own business ! (V8 D130)
Mark Lynn
DAT decks for sale (V8 D155)
Marv Van Haitsma
ISO CSC's Ta'buy (V8 D197)
Matthew Giller
Security Question For LA Venues (V8 D152)
michael gilson
Uncle Earl/B=?ISO-8859-1?B?6Q==?=la Fleck/John Paul Jones et al. (V8 D130)
Michael Green
Digital I/O Soundcards that Don't Resample? (V8 D123)
Michael guess
Michael Devitt!!!!!! (V8 D102)
Michael Lindsey
D8 Distortion, line in, audio buddy (V8 D106)
ISO: Ben Harper @ Wakarusa 6/8/2007 (V8 D184)
Mike M
Kristi Martel - back on a visit to the Bay Area (V8 D105)
Mike Parker
posts re personal DAT collections (V8 D109)
Buying shows (Jimi Hendrix) (V8 D131)
Cool folks (V8 D134)
newbies gotta start somewhere (V8 D137)
Mike V.
ISO: MMW 7.02.95 (V8 D191)
Mototaka Fujii
For Trade: Nine Inch Nails @ Stockholm 2007 (V8 D113)
Steely Dan Fort Myers Ticket (V8 D131)
Nate Pelton
perfectly spaced dropouts (V8 D114)
Perfectly Spaced Dropouts (V8 D116)
ISO: Guns 'n Roses - SPAC 1991 VIDEO (V8 D127)
recording cleanup question (V8 D199)
Flash recorders (V8 D161)
Nick Hodges
Radical Dance Faction / Military Surplus UK Live Dates (Anyone Taping?) (V8 D105)
Portable DAT Repair - Recommendations for Servicing (V8 D154)
Nick Zuccaro
phish digi-vids... (V8 D164)
Quentin Tarantino
Rock The Bells, July 28th @ Randalls Island (V8 D191)
Spare FLAC DVD-Rs: Mould/Husker, FSA, MBV (V8 D122)
Spare Pixies FLAC DVD-R (V8 D148)
Looking for Czech / Prague tapers (V8 D149)
Marantz EC-3 cardioid mic (V8 D174)
Free CD-Rs (V8 D193)
Rich Gomes
Brickwalling\attenuation question (V8 D152)
Hard disk\flash based recording (V8 D152)
Brickwalled again? WTH? (V8 D191)
bootleggers / mind your own business (V8 D130)
Richard Campbell
DAT-heads Digest #107 (V8 D108)
Richard Levy
DAT masters trade for blanks offer (V8 D108)
DAT masters for trade offer closed (V8 D109)
rock on
U2 dats (V8 D109)
ISO Rolling Stones Qwest Field Seatle Oct 17th 2006 Recording (V8 D146)
Ryan Gear
Anyone tape Heaven and Hell this year? (V8 D131)
Zappa Plays Zappa taping policy? (V8 D191)
DAT-heads Digest #195 (V8 D196)
MicroTrack 24/96 power & assorted other questions (V8 D142)
Sean Walton
DAT Liquidation/Trade or Sell (V8 D115)
Live jam Dats for sale (V8 D173)
Sebastian Boschert
Free Ticket: Smashing Pumpkins, May 26, Brussels, Belgium (V8 D141)
Notification of Limited Account Access (V8 D168)
shane b
edirol R4 - good or bad? (V8 D107)
Joe Bonamassa taping policy (V8 D151)
Stefan Morosky
WTB D7 (V8 D165)
ISO D7/ addendum to post (V8 D166)
Stephen Bezruchka
flash recorders: Edirol R-09, m-audio 24/96 and Marantz PMD 660 eval (V8 D159)
Steve Bennett
DA-302 decks for sale. (V8 D112)
Steve Randolph
Groove Collective (V8 D188)
Re: DAT-heads Digest #107 (V8 D110)
ISO: Guns 'n Roses - SPAC 1991 VIDEO (dhami44862@aol.com) (V8 D130)
DAT-heads Digest #135 (V8 D136)
Re: MicroTrack 24/96 power & assorted other questions (V8 D146)
DAT-heads Digest #183 : Dat-Heads ................ fading? (V8 D184)
DAT-heads Digest #185 (V8 D187)
T. Simpson
ISO: Melvins tapers/traders (V8 D176)
tapeworm 48
ISO Rage Against the Machine (V8 D129)
tchapman livetrade
ISO Tracy Chapman (V8 D106)
The Kenster
The Bears upcoming shows (V8 D111)
ISO: Austin, TX Tapers Doyle Bramhall II, Charlie Sexton, Storyville (V8 D147)
FT: Porcupine Tree 2007-06-01 Park West, Chicago FOB Master (V8 D156)
Lary Coryell Trio on tour (V8 D168)
Thomas Wulf
request for editing advice (V8 D192)
tom groff
Fwd: failure notice (V8 D138)
selling tapes (V8 D138)
Tom McCreadie
Dolby Questions (V8 D132)
Tonton Blino
Non working DAT TCD-D3 for free (V8 D112)
DAT's for sale (V8 D145)
ISO: Cure 2004 Phoenix Taper (V8 D169)
Wayne Ellis
Looking For UFO Live At The Record Plant Sausalito 1975 (preFM?) (V8 D118)